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Welding diodes

Welding diodes

Welding diodes are designed for medium and high frequency welding equipment and optimized for high current rectifiers. The on-state voltage is very low and the output current is high.
ABB is selling both normal housed and housing-less welding diodes. The latter is becoming more and more important in high current welding applications for joining of high refractory materials.


Medium frequency
Part number
VRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)Package* (mm)
5SDD 71X0200200711055.060/44
5SDD 0120C0200200 1100085.075/57
5SDD 71B0400 / 
5SDD 71B0200
5SDD 71X0400400711055.060/44
5SDD 0120C04004001135085.075/57
5SDD 92Z0401400925060.053/47
5SDD 0105Z04014001050270.056/49.5
5SDD 0135Z04014001350085.063.5/57


High Frequency
Part number
VRRM (V)IFAVM (A)IFSM (kA)Package* (mm)
5SDF 63B040040062664463/44
5SDF 63X040040062664461/44
5SDF 90Z040140090414853/47
5SDF 0102C0400400101597075.5/57
5SDF 0103Z0401400102665456/49.5
5SDF 0131Z0401400130587063.5/57

*Note: maximum diameter / pole-piece diameter

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