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Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)

Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)

ABB’s IGBT power modules are available from 1700 to 6500 volt as single IGBT, dual / phase-leg IGBT, chopper and dual diode modules. The high-power HiPak IGBT modules feature low losses combined with soft-switching performance and record-breaking Safe Operating Area (SOA). The newly introduced 62Pak fast switching medium-power IGBT modules feature lowest switching losses, full 175 °C operation with full square SOA and standard package allowing drop-in replacement.

Part NumberVoltage 
TypePackage  Plecs model
1.7 kV

5SNG 0150Q1703001700 2 x 150Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SNG 0200Q17030017002 x 200Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SNG 0300Q170300 17002 x 300Phase leg IGBT62PakXML
5SND 0800M17010017002 x 800Dual IGBTHiPakXML
5SNE 0800M1701001700800ChopperHiPakXML
5SNG 1000X170300 #17002 x 1000Phase leg IGBTLinPakXML
5SNA 1600N17010017001600Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1800E17010017001800Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 2400E170100 *17002400Single IGBTHiPak
5SNA 2400E1703051700 2400Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 3600E1703001700 3600Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SLA 3600E1703001700 3600Single diodeHiPakXML
2.5 kV

5SNA 1500E25030025001500Single IGBTHiPakXML
3.3 kV

5SNG 0250P33030533002 x 250Phase leg IGBTHiPakXML
5SLG 0500P33030033002 x 500Phase leg diodeHiPakXML
5SND 0500N33030033002 x 500Dual IGBTHiPakXML
5SNE 0800E3301003300800ChopperHiPakXML
5SNA 0800N3301003300 800Single IGBT HiPakXML
5SLD 1000N33030033002 x 1000Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 1000N33030033001000Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SLD 1200J33010033002 x 1200Dual diodeHiPakXML
5SNA 1200E33010033001200Single IGBTHiPakXML
5SNA 1200G33010033001200Single IGBTHiPak XML
5SNA 1500E3303053300 1500Single IGBTHiPakXML
4.5 kV

5SNG 0150P45030045002 x 150Phase leg IGBTHiPak  XML
5SLG 0600P45030045002 x 600Phase leg diodeHiPak  XML
5SLD 0650J45030045002 x 650Dual diodeHiPak XML
5SNA 0650J4503004500650Single IGBTHiPak XML
5SNA 0800J4503004500800Single IGBTHiPak XML
5SLD 1200J45035045002 x 1200Dual diodeHiPak XML
5SNA 1200G45030045001200Single IGBTHiPak XML
5SNA 1200G450350 45001200Single IGBTHiPak XML
6.5 kV

5SNA 0400J6501006500400Single IGBTHiPak XML
5SNA 0500J6503006500500Single IGBTHiPak XML
5SLD 0600J65010065002 x 600Dual diodeHiPak  XML
5SNA 0600G6501006500600Single IGBTHiPak XML
5SNA 0750G6503006500750Single IGBTHiPak XML

* not for new designs 
# Preliminary

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