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High pressure filter compensation devices (FC)

High pressure filter compensation devices (FC)

Along with the non-linear load increases in the power supply system, the harmonic distortion becomes the substantial factor to influence power system, electrical equipment security, and electric power loss. Some nonlinear load can come along with results like negative sequence, voltage fluctuation, flicker, etc. And, the nonlinear load power quality management has got into the focus for power users and power supply departments.

Low voltage thyristor switch filter compensation device (hereinafter referred to as TSF) and high pressure filter compensation devices (hereinafter referred to as FC), are the most sophisticated and cost-effective technologies to solve harmonic and reactive power problems for industrial users.

TSF device based on DSP control technology is able to realize fast zero-crossing switches of filter group through the use of thyristor, without any shock or arc, provide dynamic tracing compensation for impact loads, filter harmonic, stabilize voltage, inhibit flicker, and improve the power factor. FC device could conduct filter and reactive power compensation in power grids of a voltage up to 110kV, while allowing automatic switching. The optimized design of FC device has taken field situation and various working conditions into full consideration, which enables it to filter the harmonics without amplifying them and improving the power factor without sending reactive back. In addition, the advanced CHP harmonic simulation technology is able to obtain index status before real operation.

Device functions:
Inhibit harmonic distortion caused by nonlinear load and Improve power factor
Reduce network loss
Reactive power optimization
Improve power quality
Improve production efficiency

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