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Transformer Integrated on line Monitoring system

Transformer Integrated on line Monitoring system

Transformer on-line monitoring technology is mainly based on various mechanical and electrical characteristics of transformer, using partial discharge on-line monitoring, iron core earthing current on-line monitoring, casing pipe on-line monitoring and other equipment to monitor its running state.

On-line monitoring of transformers can detect the possible defects or performance deterioration in the equipment early, provide judgment basis for recondition, and improve the reliability and economical efficiency of power supply. Therefore, the transformer on-line monitoring has a very  expansive development prospect.

Product Features

  • Transformer on-line monitoring device  

UHF method is used to monitor transformer partial discharge. The partial discharge signals of each monitoring point are sampled simultaneously. The sampling length is 50 frequency cycles, the shortest monitoring period is 1 minute, and the monitoring period is adjustable,also can be set on demand at site and by remote. The transformer PD monitoring device has 1-4 synchronous high-speed sampling channels, each transformer can be equipped with 1-4 UHF sensors. Installation: oil release valve built-in UHF sensor and oil tank wall and hand-hole built-in UHF sensor.


  • Transformer core earth current on-line Monitoring device

High precision zero flux sensor, seamless automatic switching of measuring range, adaptive zero drift algorithm, automatic tracking algorithm for working frequency .


A transformer condenser bushing on-line detecting device  201621296789.0  
A transformer monitoring and protection device for factory use  201621356234.0

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